1. Ghost town

    While visiting Death Valley I also made stop at the ghost town of Rhyolite. It is located near the eastern edge of the national park. At its heyday Rhyolite had by some estimates a population of up to 5,000 during the gold rush in the early 20th century. However, once the ores were exhausted the population quickly dropped to zero again by 1920.

    This photo is a long exposure shot of the John S. Cook & Company Bank building. It was completed and opened for business in January 1908. The reported cost of the building is $90,000. The safe’s inside vault weighed 6,600 pounds and could hold a million dollars in coin.

    John S. Cook & Co. Bank.

    Rhyolite is an intriguing place and I would highly recommend a stop if you’re in the vicinity.

  2. As Time Crawls By

    A 60 seconds exposure I made somewhere in San Jose, CA.

    As Time Crawls By.

  3. Going back

    Mary Avenue bicycle footbridge in Cupertino, CA is a wonderful structure crossing Interstate 280. I regularly drive underneath this bridge and often tell myself to go back and photograph it again. Because I went there once already and made a few nights shots back in early 2010. Some of them are still on my list of favorite local photos. You can see them here and here.

    But this time I wanted to make an entirely different photo. Fortunately there were some nice clouds over the weekend. This allowed me to make a 92 seconds exposure using a polarizer and a 10 step ND filter.

    I Still Know You.

  4. Up and Down.

    Up and Down.

    Acer building in San Jose, CA.