1. Foreign Territory

    Foreign Territory.

    Death Valley National Park, California.

  2. Salt Desert

    Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park is a very strange place - in a highly intriguing sort of way. It is also the lowest point in North America with an elevation of 86 meters (282 feet) below sea level.

    Salt Desert.

  3. A walk into the desert

    I am slowly working through all the photos from the recent G+ trip to Death Valley. This shot from the Mesquite Dunes was made very early in morning. It is quite an experience walking into these dunes for about an hour in the night to find a good spot for the sun to rise. The title is inspired by the fact that I walked into a desert and forgot to take any water with me (greenhorn!). As you can imagine I was quite dried out towards the end of this shoot and very happy to be back at my car where several bottles of water waited.


  4. Campbell Water Tower

    The city of Campbell, CA has a prominent and intriguing water tower I almost see every other day. For the longest time I wanted to go to the Water Tower Plaza and make a few photos. And that’s exactly what I did last weekend. When I saw the cloudy skies I originally planned long exposures but they didn’t work out; there were just too many dark ones. So I went for “regular” exposures instead to highlight the dramatic sky just above the tower. 

    Holding Ready.

  5. As Time Crawls By

    A 60 seconds exposure I made somewhere in San Jose, CA.

    As Time Crawls By.

  6. Epoch 35

    A quick shot I made in the Arrival Hall at San Francisco International Airport while I was waiting to pick up a visiting relative.

    Epoch 35.

  7. Going back

    Mary Avenue bicycle footbridge in Cupertino, CA is a wonderful structure crossing Interstate 280. I regularly drive underneath this bridge and often tell myself to go back and photograph it again. Because I went there once already and made a few nights shots back in early 2010. Some of them are still on my list of favorite local photos. You can see them here and here.

    But this time I wanted to make an entirely different photo. Fortunately there were some nice clouds over the weekend. This allowed me to make a 92 seconds exposure using a polarizer and a 10 step ND filter.

    I Still Know You.

  8. Enjoying the clouds

    As I have mentioned in the previous post the months of boring blue skies appear to be behind us. This is the time to get out of the house and make some interesting photos. We even had some early rain and I hope this weather pattern will continue for some time.


    This a long exposure photo (121 seconds) from the HP Pavilion in San Jose using a 10 stop ND filter.
  9. The wait is finally over

    I think it is fair to say that the wait is finally over: After many months of boring skies (only blue skies that is) clouds have finally arrived in the South Bay Area . With this “long drought” being behind us I am quite excited and sure hope to make a few interesting photos. Below is the first one of hopefully many more to come.

    South Bay Rolling.